MY CHARACTERS MINE!!!!!!!!!!! Edit

LOLz! i had to do that these are my ah-mazing characters

Sorrel Pinefur Edit

Sorrel is crazy,friendly,ranom,part ninja, a light angel, and a person! She has been a delinquent all her life ever since she was 96 moons old (moons=month). So if the RCMp or the FBI appears in any camps...well there going after Sorrel (LOL)

Cara Pinefur Edit

Cara is the sister of Sorrel, she is quiet friendly part ninja and a person

Silias Diamondfoot Edit

Silias is well...Silias. He is weird, and friendly, a peron (der!)

*new*Krissy Longtail Edit

krissy is friendly and quiet,,, she is a surfer and well a person!

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