D-scope Edit

D-scope is a crazy,fun,energetic boy who loves to rock'n roll! He usually does something out of the ordinary after he eats sugar(For example:Killing a bystander).

Zack Hacker Edit

Zack Hacker is D-scope's friend.He loves Hi-Tech stuff and usually hacks into people's computers.Although he is a great friend of D-scope,he doesn't approve about his actions.

Lila Edit

Lila is a very hot girl but is also what most people say EVIL!!! She had a major crush on D-scope but he liked another girl,causing her to flip.She eventually found someone else but was cursed into endless Larynchidis! She never spoke again.

Goth Boy Edit

Goth Boy is a somewhat friend of D-scope that loves poetry.Even when he's happy he never shows it,instead he's always depressed.He has a major crush on a goth girl named Violet but never shows his feelings for her.

Violet Edit

Violet is D-scope's older sister who always likes the flowers in her garden dead. She sees Goth Boy as a very sweet and gentle guy even though he's completely the opposite.She owns the Victorian Mansion along with D-scope.

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